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Med-Surg Moments is the official podcast of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN)*. Our podcast offers an engaging look at the lives of - and surrounding- medical-surgical nurses. We’ll have guests on from every corner of the industry, bringing you stories that are relatable and compelling on myriad topics.

Our goal is to bring you interesting perspectives and insights that will serve you at any step of your nursing career. We truly intend this podcast to be an exciting, interesting go-to source for our listeners, and Med-Surg Moments will creatively incorporate voices from all backgrounds, to help highlight the issues facing you in our medical-surgical nursing community.

You can be assured we’ll do our very best to bring this podcast, always, with personality and compassion, and accuracy in our coverage.

* The content within the Med-Surg Moments Podcast represents the views, thoughts, and opinions of the co-hosts and may not necessarily reflect the views, thoughts, and opinions of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. 

Sep 4, 2020

You've identified a much-needed evidence-based practice, now what? Learn the right way to implement evidence-based practices with special guests Jill Arzouman, DNP, RN, ACNS, BC, CMSRN and Lynn Gallagher-Ford, PhD, RN, NE-BC, DPFNAP, FAAN


Jill Arzouman, DNP, RN, ACNS, BC, CMSRN is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Director of Nursing

Professional Practice for Banner University Medical Center Tucson and South Campuses and Clinics. She co-leads the Evidence Based Practice Fellowship for Banner Health’s 28 hospital system. Jill has an academic appointment at the University of Arizona and oversees all DNP capstone projects that are conducted at her facilities. She is a past president of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses and has been an active member of the organization for over 20 years.  In addition, she serves as a mentor for the FULD Institute for Evidence-Based Practice.



Lynn Gallagher-Ford PhD, RN, NE-BC, DPFNAP, FAAN is senior director and clinical core director of the Helene Fuld Health Trust National Institute for Evidence-based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare, and clinical associate professor, College of Nursing, all at The Ohio State University. Gallagher-Ford’s clinical background in maternal-child health and nursing administration spans 30 years. She served in a variety of roles ranging from bedside clinician to chief nursing officer, in which she gained extensive experience and expertise in teaching and implementing evidence-based practice in real-world clinical settings.




Alissa Brown, BSN, MSN, RN is a clinical nurse educator from the University of Utah Health. She has been working in the health care industry for almost 12 years, and started her nursing career as a med-surg bedside nurse on an Ortho, Trauma, and Surgical Specialty Unit. It was through that experience in the med-surg unit where she discovered a passion for education and pursued a master’s degree. She is a lifelong learner and loves to teach.  Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, she's not all work, and definitely enjoys play! She loves to travel and tries to plan as many vacations each year as she can with family and friends. Alissa loves to read, listen to podcasts, and geek out to documentaries and crime shows on the weekends. She's a total fair-weather fan when it comes to Utes Football, but will cheer in all the right places, or get mad when her husband tells her to during a game. Alissa is looking forward to conversations together on this AMSN podcast!