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Med-Surg Moments is the official podcast of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN)*. Our podcast offers an engaging look at the lives of - and surrounding- medical-surgical nurses. We’ll have guests on from every corner of the industry, bringing you stories that are relatable and compelling on myriad topics.

Our goal is to bring you interesting perspectives and insights that will serve you at any step of your nursing career. We truly intend this podcast to be an exciting, interesting go-to source for our listeners, and Med-Surg Moments will creatively incorporate voices from all backgrounds, to help highlight the issues facing you in our medical-surgical nursing community.

You can be assured we’ll do our very best to bring this podcast, always, with personality and compassion, and accuracy in our coverage.

* The content within the Med-Surg Moments Podcast represents the views, thoughts, and opinions of the co-hosts and may not necessarily reflect the views, thoughts, and opinions of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. 

Jul 19, 2019

In this special episode, we’re bringing the experts together to talk about the experience that awaits you at the Annual AMSN Convention.


Maureen Murphy, BS-HCA, RN, CMSRN, Chair of the 2019 AMSN Convention Program Planning Committee





Katie Locke, Membership Manager for the Academy of Medical-Surgical...

Jul 5, 2019

The medical professionals who are directly involved with an unanticipated adverse patient event are deeply affected and many times unaware of the underlying impact to themselves.  Many experience overwhelming anxiety, cannot return to work, their family lives are affected and they're reluctant to reach out for help. ...